sexta-feira, março 30, 2007

Fluminense 2 x 1 Flamengo

O empate já tirava os dois de qualquer chance na Taça Rio, mas um gol no último minuto ainda deu sobrevida ao tricolor. O Flamengo precisa urgentemente colocar o pé na forma, mais uma vez foram inúmeros gols perdidos. De posistivo apenas o gol de Souza, desta vez com os pés para quebrar logo esta sina. Agora o Roni sair chingando o técnico ao ser substituído foi o fim da picada. Ainda se estivesse jogando alguma coisa mas tem sido um jogador constante. Constante na briga com a bola e improdutividade. Ney Franco foi é muito generoso com o atacante.
Agora está definido. Prioridade absoluta para a Libertadores, embora duas derrotas seguidas para os maiores rivais seja difícil de digerir.
Outro destaque, negativo, foi o Maracanã vazio. O que comprova que nem as torcidas acreditavam mais nas chances dos dois times.

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Alexandra disse...

ei, o que vc acha desse comentario?

Kaka versus ronaldinho

Who is the better player? For such a question, it all boils down to natural ability which is primarily dependant on the ball control of the player. I mean, there are parameters like passing, shooting, vision etc but all those will fall in place once you have good ball control. the basic logic is that once you have good ball control, you start looking at the ball less and looking forward more- this automatically leads to better passing and vision. Shooting is the one skill you can acquire by practise but shooting is one of Ronaldinho's specialties.

So who is the better player? I would pick Ronaldinho, simply because he has exceptional ball control. And its not because he does a lot of fancy tricks - Messi is another player with great ball control. But he doesnt do too many fancy tricks. Its the same reason why I dont think Cristiano Ronaldo is that great even though he does all the fancy tricks in the world. Havent you all seen the Joga Bonito ads where they kept on talking about 'Jinga' ? Ronaldinho IMO has more jinga than Kaka. But I am not using that as the sole basis to determine the better player because there are many players with umm, say, less Jinga, that achieve a lot. But when we compare Kaka and ronaldinho - we have a player like Ronaldinho who has achieved more than Kaka and who has more natural ability than Kaka. What are we arguing here?

Or are we comparing Milan Kaka versus Barcelona Ronaldinho? Wasnt Ronaldinho the one that transformed Barcelona from a UEFA cup team to a champions league winning one?

Milan was always a great team - even when Kaka joined it. Barcelona were not soo great when Ronaldinho joined them and look where they are now? Granted, one can argue that Ronaldinho has had good players surrounding him but the truth is he didnt have all these good players initially.

Which now brings us to Brazil Kaka versus Brazil Ronaldinho. Kaka changes the way Brazil plays football. He is supposed to play the role of attacking midfielder but the truth is he ends up playing support striker. The same can be said about Robinho and Ronaldinho. Brazil currently has three support strikers which IMO is a very big waste of time because they are taking up room which a good Attacking midfielder (note Diego) can take.

Kaka is better off playing in a defensive team - he would be brilliant playing for the italian national team ( the same reason why he is brilliant playing for AC Milan). He is good at scoring goals in the counter - thats what defines his game. Remember his goal against Celtic?

However his biggest strength is his biggest weakness when he plays for the national team. Brazil is a team that has played attacking football over the years. When Kaka enters the mix, the entire team is soo dysfunctional. The instant he gets the ball, its all about running fast towards the opposition teams half. Thats not how Brazil plays football. Brazilian football is all about small passes to and fro and slowly advancing with say 3or 4 players forward.(you can add a few fancy tricks on the way but thats all a part of how Brazil plays football) Kaka completely destroys that. Its no wonder that ronaldinho has been crap ever since Kaka joined the team. Its not like he has been crap always.

The problem is that Brazil has not had a good coach ever since Scolari left the team - and thats ironically when Kaka started playing for the team. sure he has put in a couple of virtuoso performances against weak teams ( just like his goal against Chile yesterday or his goal in the world cup against Croatia) but the truth is that he hasnt exactly delivered against good teams.

A Brazilian combo of Robinho, Ronaldinho, Kaka and a striker will always have instability. The only reason why this dysfunctionality was not that obvious in the 2005 confederations cup was because Adriano was having the tournament of his life.

Kaka is just another support striker like Robinho and ronaldinho. Atleast one of those three will have to make way for a good Attacking midfielder (note Diego). IMO that one has to be Kaka or Robinho. However I feel Kaka has to make way (even though I think Kaka is a better player than Robinho)) because robinho is more suited for Brazil.

Before I finish, this post was not meant to diss Kaka. I am just saying things as they are. I do think he is a great player - probably one of the best players in the world. However IMO his game is not suited to the Brazil team.

AlexiaGB disse...

outra opiniao interessante continuando a de cima:

Personally, I think just fixing the Kaka/Ronaldinho issue is simply not enough.

We all discussed the "Kaka's direct style" not suiting the Brasil style so I won't go into that. Let's look at "fixing" this with starting Ronaldinho only then...

Here's the problem. You want Ronaldinho to shine again? You better slap the front striker line with Eto'o/Messi styled strikers. In other words, strikers who have massive speed and incredible positional awareness. Only then Ronaldinho's awesome throughball capabilities would rock Brasil's oppositions. Until then, forget about it.

Fred has NO PACE! Though he has excellent positional awareness, he lacks the pace to receive any of Ronaldinho's throughballs. He's practically a set piece striker on the Brasil team. Sad really sad.gif (I'm a big fan of his at club level, but at Selecao level... UGH!! Wrong team for him... Yes, I can finally admit that wink.gif )

Anyone notice how Ronaldinho rarely mixed well with Adriano? Robinho was the one mostly feeding Adriano (even then, Adriano is/was pretty much a 1 man wrecking crew). Not many Adriano gols came from a Ronaldinho pass. Heck most of Adriano gols are self powered, but when he actually received help, Robinho seemed to be the only one to "get him" and... believe it or not... Cicinho.

Ronaldo? Ummmm, still waiting on him to get back to ANY kind of form. He's 30 years old so I'd rather concentrate on the future, not hope on the successful return of the past.

V.Love has the pace (more like quick legs but not real speed really) but his positional awareness is not alpha dog material.

R.Sobis... I hear crickets.

Ronaldinho only seems to mix decently well with Robinho, sadly, Robinho can't score if his life depended on it.

What made the frontlines work for Brasil circa WC02? Ronaldinho behind Rivaldo and a RUNNING/ACTIVE/POSITIONAL GENIUS Ronaldo.

Do we have this now? Far from it, but we have players that can somewhat emulate that original crew but much less effectively. Ronaldinho can still feed the ball to people like a champ. Robinho would be in Rivaldo's role (but Rivaldo could score his HEAD OFF at any given time). However, we lack the alpha dog that adds the big final bite to the attack. We had a version of it in Adriano, but he's way out of form and he's no Ronaldo, but for a while, he was the best Brasil had to replace him in that "trident".

So basically, Dunga needs to have Ronaldinho, Robinho and Adriano working again. There's your offence (oh myyyyyyyyy). A pitiful replacement for a Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Ronaldo trident indeed, but it is the best arrangement these days. After that, packup the rest of the team on the field with defenders or defensive minded lads. Yup, that's the Scolari formula. Not pretty, but in today's football world, it friggin works like a champ. Pains me to admit that sad.gif

One BIG help to the offence is to make sure you get RBs/LBs that can run like Hell and CROSS the ball properly. Cicinho's defence was quite suspect indeed, but his incredible speed and pretty accurate crosses incredibly helped the front lines and more than made up for his sucky defence. That "was" R.Carlos' saving grace at times. Bad defence (gosh his defence sucked), but his incredible speed and somewhat decent crossing abilities really helped Brasil put some points on the board alot of times. Ofcourse, Cafu was another one that had decent speed, but most importantly, was very good at crossing that ball in.

So bring back a working trident. Packup the midfield with defensive types. Have massive speed with good crossing in your RB/LB departments and you'll have a competitive team. Will it win trophies? Well, atleast it will compete. It will compete against the "big" teams of the world, instead of just crushing the weak and lose 1-0 to the strong.